Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

Post  Guest on Sat May 16, 2009 8:42 pm

This isn't an official USF protocol.
This is a rough draft which will be edited numerous times and consented by all USF leaders.

USF attack protocol
1. Upon receipt of a beacon, an attack on yourself, or a call to arms, go to Faction Comms immediately.
2. A Position 1 will take charge
3. If a Position 1 is not on the highest ranking member who is online will take charge
4. The member in charge will decide who tracks
5. If it's one attacker the attacker will be destroyed
6. If it's multiple attackers the scouter will track the attackers when they retreat
7. When a P1 leader is on an attack squad will be formed and the attackers will be retracked and destroyed

That is a basic step guide to what will happen but more things need to be explained in detail.

When your scouting its preferable your in an ion scouting ship.
An ion scouting ship is a Huntsman, Huntsman II, or Incursion design ship.
These ships are durable and track well.

When your tracking you'll need check the attack scene and the scrub point.
The attack scene is where they originally attacked and the scrub point is the destination they jump to so a ship can cover their ion trails.

At the scrub points youll need to to click the button "Scan Ion Trail" and copy (ctrl+c)+paste (ctrl+v) the ion list to a text document and save it.
From there you can scout the biggest ships.
You can tell which ions are the biggest ships because the first set of numbers are the largest.
Theres 2 ions
The ship with the first digits of 2k will be a bigger ship then the one with 1.5k.

If you get confused about what to do when a beacon appears you can ask any P1 leader and if they aren't on you can ask ligger or Kanti Fett about what to do.


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Re: Standard Operating Procedures

Post  Avater on Sun May 24, 2009 11:37 am

100% correct, Congrats Imperator.

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