United Systems Fleet History

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United Systems Fleet History

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:04 am

Over next couple of weeks I'll get abit of the United Systems Fleet history and post it here. It will take abit of adding but should be worth it.


A very long time ago 2 factions merged, SLA and ERA. The name changed to United Systems Allience (USA), was concidered to corny so it was changed to United Systems Fleet. Alot of work was being done in the devolopment of outposts and ships. We were a very peaceful faction with very few warships.

The roid stuffing incedent

At the time AIA was military wise the most powerful faction in the game. But their mining ability was pretty lousy. They would sit back and let other miners take the iridium off and use their turns only for the good ore (roid poaching). At that time United Systems Fleet was based in Solian. With Davew, the leader of USF mining, a command was given, when the iridium was getting low on the roid the USF miners were to transfer the iridium to the holds of the AIA miners. So when they went to mine the good ore they couldnt and have to empty their holds first. Was very funny, but AIA didnt see it that way and a chase ensured with the destruction of a USF MR. 2 things came out of this. The start of the north west agreement and the catalyst that changed the USF to a military power house. Vast resources went into building warships on the quiet. All warships were hidden in expances and empty sectors, no one knew how many we had except for those high in the United Systems Fleet.

Siper and UZE

USF enjoyed a great growth time in nespian, building big time with very few military skirmishes. Then one day the god Torin introduced space docks, altho the the attack script wasnt finished for them. You could dock and not be attacked, there was no scripting for it.

To be continued Shocked

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Re: United Systems Fleet History

Post  Avater on Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:43 am

I'll add a bit of history too....

Before United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever every existed it was known as Era (Exillis Rain Fleet) Lead by Stalinpu we were considered strong and were very organised we where one of the 1st to every get one of the eight shipyards and from then on we built lmr then Mr and finally a construction ship. After we got allot done Stalinpu left because of Rl problems and left the faction leader position to Ant, Ant left and gave MM the leader’s position. Stalinpu came back a month and half later to find out MM having p1 and he was pissed if I’m not mistaken but he stayed and finally left after getting a few loyal members to join him Ps he manipulated then or as Snowy says he sweet talked them. Stalinpu and Sonya formed Sla with the help of Tombs. Chat, the boxing kangaroo was a newbie back then as well as Davew they were in Sla. I still had contact with Stalinpu and we talked allot on msn and I can’t really say I never I wanted to join Sla. Later on that month, I was angry and started blaming MM for everything* note*(I was wrong) Anyways I got allot of bad msg form members and I still continued in sticking with Era I don’t know but my gut always felt home there. On Jan 28 2008 myself and Stalinpu where talking on msn and he proposed a merge. Sonya was recruiting monster and Sla were growing at large rate. I invited Ant and he said it was a great idea I had no power only thing I could do was try and convince MM the merge was the best thing possible for Era( And it was). Out of nowhere MM log on around 4.30 GMT+0 which was around 11.30 am his time, He was a bit confused since Stalinpu was there also. They argued and argued and me and tried to calm both of them down after a good 10 minutes we finally got them to calm down and then I asked MM if he was willing to merge, and Stalinpu said it would benefit both factions.
We agreed and only one problem existed Stu had all the Era outposts we msg Torin and he sent all the outposts to MM if I’m not mistaken. After a week we all left to Join Sla I was the 1st. I was put into Sonya group and I scouted for her until she left and Hartbean took over as Mining leader. Toombs was leader of Newbie orientation and training if I’m not mistake. Anyways I became p2 and was head of scouting. We were changing names at that time I suggested a list of names including United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever and Usa. We choose Usa first after I left it was renamed United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever. The newly formed Usa Hq was at Zaran Casian system . Art was the head of military, Hart was head of mining, Gal was head of trading and Toombs of was head of Newbie orientation and training. After I left a few weeks later Stalinpu left once again and let MM take over and he also gave him a few ops and 100k points. Here was when Art hatred for United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever grow may I add Art has never been a good member he has always been a chicken and never really protected are members. While that was not enough United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever didn’t have enough ships or ops and this is when Chat came in with out his points United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever would of never been here. MM and Chat continued on building the United Systems Fleet, the greatest faction ever outposts and finally completed a whole lot of Refineries and manufactures around 10 of April I also have to thank the mining group back then Very Happy good work guys.
When I came back which was around 15 April Hartbean stepped down as mining leader and found out Toombs was the leader. After a week or two Toombs had to leave cs and hopefully he will come back some day. Young Davew took over the mining leader role and with his great ideas the Maws where born and we left Casian and moved are Hq to Solian system where we ripped Tet roids around( Tet roids where rare back then). I applied to become the Trading leader since we didn’t have one. I also saw the raise of a few group leaders such as Inferno Styx and Logan Moon and Vagoo.
After two months and Aoa and violent imperialist Altian dogs poaching are roids we finally went back home to the nespian system proud home of Era. Form their we started to get back Planets. We first got back Rakus which Duffers one and next were Mantia then Serio then Wahur then vobis and lastly won back Lax.
Nie where pissed off by this and started to attack us correct me if this is wrong.
I’ll let Chat, the boxing kangaroo finish the rest.

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Re: United Systems Fleet History

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:24 pm

I was there!!! tongue
Of course I could tell you guys so much about the old V1 ERA, but then I'd have to go to Tim Hortans first, and buy 10,000 cups of coffee to keep me awake to tell the story. You don't want me to waste my funds on coffee now do u?

PS: I don't even like coffee.... Laughing


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Re: United Systems Fleet History

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